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Monday 5/3/04 -- Fixed the server. Also updated the site a bit.

Sunday 5/2/04 -- The Archive/Streaming Server is down. I'm trying to get it back online, but it could take some time.

Sunday 4/11/04 -- Good news! The archive server is up, and every single episode of "The Overnightscape" is available for download! The archive server is probably going to be quite a bit slower than the main server, but at least all the shows are now online!

Sunday 3/21/04 -- Today, the stream is going back to being Bluffcosm.com, after being "New Time Radio" for almost 2 months.

Sunday 2/1/04 -- Today, my streaming station is changing from Bluffcosm to New Time Radio! To start with, it will feature every episode of The Overnightscape (right now 45 episodes at over 37 hours). Soon, we'll be adding some of the best New Time Radio shows from around the Internet! Stay tuned...

Sunday 1/11/04 -- I just did The Overnightscape #43 today, after a 12-day gap since the last one. During the holidays, the schedule got a little out of whack. I'm hoping to get back to the regular schedule of doing The Overnightscape on Thursday nights. In other news... I'm thinking of changing the name of "Bluffcosm.com" a little, to "Radio Bluffcosm". We'll see...

Sunday 11/30/03 -- Last Thursday (11/27/03) The Overnightscape did not air because of Thanksgiving. But never fear, it will be back next Thursday!

Saturday 11/22/03 -- The Chatroom, Message Board, and Shop are up and running!

Sunday 11/16/03 -- Switching to a new web hosting company. Design changes on site.

Thursday 10/30/03 -- I think I might have screwed up my live Overnightscape broadcast tonight... I forgot to hit a certain button and I'm not sure if it went out live. But the archived version is online now in Archived Shows for anyone who may have been trying to listen. I've been getting up at 6:00 AM every day and I was quite fatigued by the time I did the show, so that may explain my screw up. In other news... made some progress on the site, but still needs work. Some new material (beyond the weekly Overnightscape) is coming soon...

Friday 10/9/03 -- Slowly but surely, I'm redesigning the site. The News is now on its own page!

Sunday 9/28/03 -- Starting work on a complete site redesign.

Monday 8/18/03 -- New station automation up! Over 53 hours of shows, with a lot more on the way!

Sunday 8/17/03 -- Created a new 10-episode Bluffcosm Original Series "Weird University", bringing together existing Blufftoons along with a great theme song by Smersh. These Blufftoons were all part of the original Weird University, but this is the first time they've been brought together in Bluffcosm. In other news, I finally finished organizing and renaming and tagging all the Blufftoons. Coming next, a new station automation and the show guide! And as usual, The Overnightscape continues with live shows every Thursday night.

Saturday 8/9/03 -- Added the Bluffcosm original series "The Evil Farm" and "Beublin A. Richardson" to the station/stream. Now pretty much all the stuff that used to be broadcast via live365.com is on my Shoutcast stream. I checked live365, and somehow 3 out of 7 of my old stations are still broadcasting in a limited capacity... weird...

Tuesday 8/5/03 -- Added all ten-and-a-half epsiodes of "Train Crap & Blood" to the station. Working on the show guide. Lots of cool new shows are on the horizon, as well.

Thursday 7/31/03 -- Went to the Japanese mall (Mitsuwa Marketplace) earlier today, recording an Audio Field Trip for "The Overnightscape #21" which I recorded a little later. I also did a new "jingle" to play between the segments on the Shoutcast stream, using a guitar sound and saying "You're listening to Bluffcosm.com, Internet radio on a different wavelength".

Monday 7/28/03 -- NEW NEWS PAGE! Click here for the old news page. Major site revision in progress right now. Happy Obliviana Day!

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